Screen Setup

Once you have your Amazon Fire Stick plugged into your TV and gone through the Fire Stick setup you are ready to add the PushPress screens app.


1. Go to a web browser on your computer, log into as the same user as your fire stick is connected to and type in search bar "pushpress screens". You will see the screens app show up.


2. Click "Get App" button. Yeah it really is that easy, now that app should appear in your apps list on the Fire TV.


3. Go to you Fire TV and launch the PushPress screens app.


4. Give it between 10-60 seconds to load up, you should see a screen with a "Pairing Code". (6 alpha numeric characters)


5. Now go back to your computer, in the PushPress Control Panel navigate to Settings -> Integrations page. Then click the "Application Tokens" button in the right rail.


6. This is where some magic happens! you should see that same code in the list of Unpaired Tokens as you do on the screen. From the cog, select "Pair Token", name the device, eg "Gym floor TV" and then save.


7. Probably by the time you have walked back over to the TV its likely already refreshed automatically with a choice of either "Workouts" or "Classes". Use the Fire TV remote to select which one you want to use for this screen.


... Thats it done, you are good to go.

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