How to control with remote

Display Selection screen.

This is the page with the 'Workouts' and 'Classes' and 'Settings' buttons

• Use left/right buttons to select if you want to use the screen for Workouts or Classes

• Use back button from workout or classes page to access this screen


Workout Screen.

• Left/right buttons switches between Tracks

• Up/down buttons switches Workout segment to display


Classes Screen.

• Up/Down buttons change class

Classes also change automagically too, 15 minutes before class starts it will auto change to next upcoming class. Typically the coach will not have to use the remote on this screen as it will run by itself. However they can override what class is showing by using the remote, designed for the use case where you may have overlapping class times.



The Screensaver is designed to come on 30 mins after a class has completed and turn off 30 mins before a class starts.

• Center button temporarily turns off screensaver


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