Add your Digital Waiver

You have the option of presenting a Digital Waiver for members to sign when they enroll in an Event or sign up for Plan/Membership. 

  1. Go to Settings -> Waiver.
  2. Copy and Paste your waiver info into the text area.
  3. Toggle Active to YES
  4. Save.



We don't support initialing certain paragraphs or sections within the waiver itself. When the member is presented with the waiver to sign there is just a single signature field at the bottom. So make sure you strip out any initial areas from the text.

No need to have areas in the waiver to capture their name and other info. By presenting this waiver to the user we already have this info from a previous screen or entry, we add their name, IP and date of signing to document.

Also strip out any health questionnaire info, this is a waiver not a survey ;)

Sometimes copy and paste from a Word doc or a PDF will input hidden characters and mess up the output. Let us know through that chat if you have an issue, we can help.

We don't provide a waiver to you for legal reasons, but you can get a pretty solid one from the CrossFit Journal.






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