Bulletproof Waiver system

You want to ensure that every person in every class has signed a waiver. You likely already have too many members to manage this manually so we built this right into the PushPress system with plenty of failsafes so you don't have to worry.


There are several automatic ways we can get your athletes to sign the waiver.

  1. When people sign up for a Plan or Event from an open link you distribute or from your website, the next page they see will be your waiver where they can read and sign.
  2. If a member does not have a waiver on file, when they check in to class for the first time they will be presented with your waiver to sign on the check-in app. There is no way to skip this, they will not be able to check in to class with no waiver.



You can email a link for a lead or member to sign the waiver. This link is in the right rail of the member or lead detail. 

If you have the person in front of you, you can pop the waiver into a new browser window for them to sign.


Get Started.

To get started make sure your waiver has been added to the system. More info on how to do that can be found here.



All digital waivers are stored online on Amazon S3. This is triple backed up.

All digital waivers have members Name, Date of Birth, Date of Signature and IP address included in the file.

All digital waivers are available to for you to download at any time.

A link to each waiver is attached to every member detail page.

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