Setting up a Course

A course is defined as a series of Classes that has a set start and end date and will typically have the same class times over either a few days or a few weeks.

There are 2 components to this you will need to set up: Class times on the Schedule and a Plan so you can sell and register users agains it.


1. Schedule

Add your Course times to the Schedule.

  • Use 'Class' type.
  • Add the repeating schedule then click in to the class after last class and delete future classes. (so members know class is finished and doesn't continue forever)


2. Plans

Create a Plan under Plans section. This is so people can register for the course. They can also use this to check-in against.

  • This will be a non-recurring plan.
  • Use the 'Subscription URL' to sign people up for it
  • Course can be free or cost, up to you.



The Schedule and Plan component are not linked in any way. However you need to utilize both to educate, sell and check members in.



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