App Overview

Here is a full list of currently available companion apps for PushPress.


Apps for Owners and Coaches

Control Panel : This is web based that works on Desktop/Laptop, any operating system as long as you use Chrome Browser. Also works on mobile. To access [your subdomain]

Check-in App : Available on iOS, iPhone, iPad and Amazon Fire Tablets. Use for members to check themselves in to class. More info and link to download

Store App : Available on Amazon Fire Tablets and Android (Google Play Store) and iOS. For selling products at the gym. More info on how it works and installation setup.

Screens App : Available on Amazon Fire Stick. Shows Track workouts and Class attendance. More info here.


Apps for Members

Member Portal : This is web based, works on all browsers on Desktop/Laptop/Mobile and all operating systems. It is designed for mobile first as most members will be reserving classes on mobile. More info on what it does and what it can be used for his here. This is not an app members will find in any app store as its web based (for now, in future we will make this also accessible as an app on android and iOS)

Track App : Available on iOS and Android. Shows daily class workouts if you use the PushPress Track system. More on info here.

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