Member Portal login troubleshooting

If you have a member with issues logging into the Member Portal, then check these few things first with the member. If they are still having problems, hit us up on the Control Panel chat.

Verify they are using the correct log in URL.

Make sure they are using https://[your gym name] and not https://[your gym name] which is for coaches and admins only.

Verify they are not in Private Browsing mode on their browser

Private Browsing mode will not store login information, as thats kinda the point. The result will be they will log in, but every page they try to go to they will be kicked back to logged out. They will not be able to go through with reserving a spot in class if this is the case.

Verify they have a pin setup

In the Control Panel go to the members detail page, click on Edit Personal Info button in right column, double check to make sure they have a 4 digit pin setup on that page.

Verify you have your member Portal turned on in settings

Go to your Control Panel Integration settings. Make sure your Member Portal is 'Enabled'.

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