Autopilot - How to setup

Step 1. Paste the tracking code from Autopilot into your PushPress Control Panel.

  1. In PushPress Control Panel. Go to Settings -> Integrations
  2. Scroll down to 'Autopilot HQ'. Click the 'Where to find your tracking code' link.
  3. Select 'For Web pages'
  4. Copy code to clipboard
  5. Go back to PushPress integrations and enter the code in the Autopilot HQ box
  6. Hit save.

 Step 2. Configure your AutoPilot Journey

  1. Log in to Autopilot.
  2. Click on Journeys
  3. Click on New Journey button (top right)
  4. Select 'Start from Scratch'
  5. Drag 'Form Submitted' as your starting point
  6. Click that circle to configure. Select 'Track New Form' from modal.
  7. Give this form a name. Grab the url of the form you want to grab data from. Typically this will be from your lead capture form. example
  8. hit continue. you should now see the form fields it will grab.
  9. hit continue again. This is where you will map the PushPress form fields to Autopilot fields. for some you will have to make custom fields.
  10. Hit continue, now you are ready to configure the rest of this journey. It will be kicked off each time the form is submitted.
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