Email - Reply to address

Emails that get sent from PushPress will always have the 'sent' email set to In the case a member wants to reply to any of the emails, we have set the 'reply to' address as something else, depending on the type of email.


Case 1 - Transactional emails

Think of these as all the emails that automatically fire off when a certain event triggers. Receipts, Plan Confirmations, new member emails etc are all examples of this. We use the default email you have in the General Settings for the 'reply to'


Case 2 - Manual and Custom emails

These are the emails you custom craft to a single member or group of members from the Control Panel. Emailing leads, mass email to any group, or individual emails are examples of this. We use the email of whoever is logged in and hence sending the email as the 'reply to'.

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