Plans - Redirect to reserve a spot in class

Use case: You want to sell a plan online using one of the auto generated landing pages, but as part of the process you want them to reserve a spot in class also.

With this solution you can get this done with little effort and without requiring the user to create an account or log-in. We use a little behind the scenes magic to get this done.

  1. We will redirect them to the Member Portal 'Classes' page to book, so we need to get this URL. Go to the Member Portal, click on 'Classes' from the menu. This is the URL you need to copy.
  2. Optional. If you want to only show specific class types to check-in to, then 1st use the drop down under the date picker to select the class. The copy that URL.
  3. Create or edit a plan, paste the URL you copied from step 1 or 2 above into 'Redirect URL' field.
  4. Hit save.


After the person purchases the plan from the Lead Page. They will see the waiver, if you check that option. After that, they will be redirect to the Member Portal Classes page, but heres the kicker... They will already be logged in so they can reserve a spot. 



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